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Meet Our Catalyst Fund Awardees

McNulty Prize Catalyst Fund Recipients

Adela Mendoza
Student DREAMers Alliance provides young people with leadership and scholarship opportunities, empowering them to use their voice for change.
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Jean-Claude Brizard
Embracing local talent, culture and community, Anseye Pou Ayiti (Teach for Haiti) is training Haitian teachers to change the country’s outcomes.
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Gisela Porras
Las Claras is providing Panamanian girls with education and skills to end the cycle of early pregnancy and economic exclusion.
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Brett Jenks
Fish Forever is improving the future of coastal communities and ocean resources through local empowerment & protection.
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Jacqueline Novogratz
Acumen has pioneered 'patient capital', changing the direction of social entrepreneurship.
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Aimée Eubanks Davis
Braven is revolutionizing employability training at public universities so low-income and first-generation students can begin careers worthy of their degrees.
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Karma Ekmekji
3QA is creating a more accountable civil society with the Middle East's first standards and accreditation system for non-profits.
Jaime Zablah Siri
La Factoria Ciudadana rehabilitates people with violence in their pasts with education, employment, and mental health.
Esi Ansah
Association of Ghana’s Elders ensures seniors age with dignity and remain involved in communities with programs, services, and policy advocacy.
Karim Alwadi
Saving Syrian Children is the first charity in China to help foreigners, providing prosthetics, rehabilitation and counseling to Syrian minors.
Gisela Sánchez
Nutrivida is solving malnutrition with old-fashioned business sense: good products, low prices.
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Jason Kloth
Ascend Indiana is keeping talent in-state with training and job opportunities across sectors to create a modern workforce.
John Danner
Rocketship schools is redefining how charter schools use technology across the US.
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Michelle Molitor
The Equity Lab gives individuals and organizations skills to change the institutions, structures and systems that perpetuate racism.
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Ifeoma Fafunwa
iOpenEye is advancing gender equality and human rights with powerful theater and workshops to audiences in Nigeria and beyond.
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Margaret Lapiz
Under One Roof is creating an integrated model of community health for farm-working communities in California.
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Amanda Fernandez
Latinos for Education is building a pipeline for talented Latino leaders to reach high-level positions to bring about equity across the education sector.
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Amma Lartey
Social Enterprise Ghana is transforming Ghana’s entrepreneurial sector into a vehicle for social impact through policy change and an activated network.
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J.E.B Wilson
SC AgriWellness is promoting awareness of mental health issues in rural farming communities, and providing farmers with access to treatment and support.
Tanushree Hazarika
EastMojo is the first online news outlet to cover the Northeast region of India extensively, while amplifying local voices with unbiased, ethical journalism.
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Karma Paljor
EastMojo is the first online news outlet to cover the Northeast region of India extensively, while amplifying local voices with unbiased, ethical journalism.
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Ann-Gel Palermo
East Harlem COAD is building a coalition of organizations in East Harlem that are prepared to respond to public health emergencies with a coordinated local response.
Okechukwu Enelamah
The Nigerian University of Technology and Management is training and developing the next generation of leaders from Nigeria and across Africa.
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Lisa Fitzpatrick
Grapevine Health is combating medical misinformation and hesitancy to seek treatment in underserved Black and Hispanic communities in Washington D.C and beyond.
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Adib Dada
theOtherForest is pioneering a method of ecological and social regeneration by planting micro-forests across Lebanon and the Middle East.
Kaya Henderson
Reconstruction US is providing specialized courses that situate Black people and their contributions to the world in an authentic, identity-affirming manner.
Ajay Nair
Swasth Alliance is s building a nationwide network of providers and a digital platform to serve patients historically unable to access needed medical care
Leon Ford
The Hear Foundation is collaborating with community leaders, residents, police and the city of Pittsburgh to build strong relationships and address social issues.
Benson Hsu
Aequitas Health is recognizing and developing future physician leaders in medical schools across the United States who want to address glaring health inequities.