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Mission & Principles

Our mission is to inspire, develop and drive leaders to solve the most critical challenges of our time.

Founded in 1985 by John and Anne, our Foundation's values are informed by both families’ experiences as Irish immigrants welcomed by America and grounded in our belief in the value of education and the importance of opportunity.

We believe in a few fundamental human desires: to live meaningful lives, to build better ones for our children, to have a stake in our futures and communities. We all have a capacity for resourcefulness, engagement and self-improvement.

We recognize the central role individual leadership plays in effecting change and enabling people to take control of their future and reach their potential. We believe that the skills leadership requires can be reinforced and to a great degree, taught and learned. Resilience, resourcefulness, curiosity, and expertise rooted in local experience—much of these can be cultivated, and we are dedicated to supporting leaders as they rise to the top of their abilities.

We Believe

  1. Leadership is vital to long-term social change.
  2. One person’s leadership can have a multiplier effect on individuals and communities.
  3. Leadership can be learned through education and experiences that push individuals to understand and expand their abilities.
  4. Women should be encouraged, challenged and mentored to reach their full potential.
  5. Sustainable change only happens when individuals have the autonomy and agency to shape their own lives for the better.
  6. Individuals with local expertise are better equipped to respond to the social, cultural, political and economic context in which they work.

How We Work

  1. We communicate what’s possible through storytelling. We amplify the reach of those we support, positioning our leaders and partners for greater success.
  2. We thoughtfully and actively engage with our partners in a way that is deliberate, collaborative and facilitates excellence.
  3. We build strong relationships with individuals we believe in and create opportunities for them to convene, reflect and support each other’s work.

Impact Areas

We inspire, develop and drive individuals at different stages of their leadership journey.

  • The McNulty Prize supports professionals who are proven leaders, enabling them to reach and impact more lives, and inspiring others to follow their model.
  • Our academic partnerships incubate leadership in students and individuals with great potential to change themselves and change the world.