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About the Foundation

The John P. & Anne Welsh McNulty Foundation

At the John P. & Anne Welsh McNulty Foundation, we inspire, develop and drive leaders to solve the most critical challenges of our time.

We believe that opportunity is a human right, and that barriers to opportunity—poor education, poor basic services, poor access to markets—represent an unacceptable loss of potential. We believe that all of us want to live meaningful lives, build better ones for our children, and take ownership of our futures and their communities. We believe those who have benefitted from opportunity have an obligation to use their talents to expand opportunity and unlock the potential of others. The best leadership, we believe, creates agency in those it touches, gives them a stake in their communities, and inspires the next generation.

Meet Our Team

Based in New York, our team is dedicated, driven and ambitious about supporting individuals and organizations that are making a difference on the issues we care about. Our partners are leading academic institutions and organizations who bring together the best minds at the intersection of private, public and non-profit spheres.

Explore Our History

Established in 1985, the McNulty Foundation embodies the legacy and spirit of its founders, John and Anne.

The John P. McNulty Prize

Named for John P. McNulty to recognize the spark he carried and ignited in others, the Prize is a $100,000 award celebrating individuals who have used their exceptional leadership abilities and entrepreneurial spirit to address the world’s toughest challenges.