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Meet Our Laureates

McNulty Prize Laureates

Lana Abu-Hijleh
Development expert Lana Abu-Hijleh is building Palestinian youths' faith, experience and skill at running a representative democracy.
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Patrick Awuah
Patrick Awuah left Microsoft with a mission: build a liberal arts university to produce ethical leaders for Ghana and Africa's future.
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Hope Azeda
Rwandan arts sector leader Hope Azeda created Ubumuntu to bring the world's performers together to examine what it means to "be human."
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Mehrdad Baghai
Financial executive Mehrdad Baghai created High Resolves to build future generations who stand against hate, intolerance and violent extremism.
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Amit Bhatia
Venture capitalist Amit Bhatia is bringing India's employment boom outside the major cities with a new model of employability training.
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Jean-Claude Brizard
Education leader Jean-Claude Brizard is building a new ​model of civic leadership and community transformation in Haiti
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Bill Bynum
Bill Bynum is bringing HOPE to communities across the South who have been locked out of the safety and opportunity of banking.
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Gary Campbell
Food industry execs streamlined South Africa's school meals so children can learn on full stomachs
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Dixon Chibanda
Psychiatrist Dr. Dixon Chibanda is revolutionizing mental healthcare
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Amy Crockett
Dr. Amy Crockett is improving birth outcomes in South Carolina with a new model of group care for pregnant women.
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John Crowley
After finding a cure for his own child's diagnosis, Dr. John Crowley created a worldwide alliance for rare diseases.
John Danner
After disrupting the internet ad market, John Danner redefined how charter schools use computers across the US.
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Mukti Datta
Mukti Datta empowers Himalayan women with income from artisan textiles, including the flood ravaged Panchachuli region.
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Diego de Sola
Glasswing is creating a Central American volunteer culture, building trust between communities, companies, and non-profits.
Mirei Endara de Heras
Former Environment Minister Mirei Endara is taking on the global plastic crisis
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Aimée Eubanks Davis
Aimée Eubanks Davis is restoring the promise of economic mobility across the US
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Govindraj Ethiraj
Bloomberg India founder Govindraj Ethiraj launched three media companies aimed at restoring truth and advancing the public interest in Indian media.
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Carolina Freire
Voluntarios de Panamá is creating new spirit of volunteerism and civil society for Panama.
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Cody Friesen
SOURCE is bring clean drinking water infrastructure and access to remote communities across the globe.
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Nicola Galombik
South Africa's has millions of open jobs, but an under-prepared labor force. Nicola Galombik is bridging the gap.
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Sylvia Gereda
How one journalist is building the voice of the future by bringing teens into a bold new magazine.
Jay Coen Gilbert
After changing sports apparel, And1 co-founder Jay Coen Gilbert joined his college friends to change the face of business.
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Dave Gilboa
Warby Parker CEO Dave Gilboa teamed up with the NYC and Baltimore school systems to offer kids free eye exams and fashionable glasses so all kids can see the road to success.
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KC Hardin
Panama City developer KC Hardin has cracked the code of convincing gangs to gain respect by going straight.
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Bart Houlahan
And1 COO Bart Houlahan transitioned from taking a brand global to changing the very meaning of "business" worldwide.
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Brett Jenks
Fish Forever is improving the future of coastal communities and ocean resources through local empowerment & protection.
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Jordan Kassalow
Dr. Kassalow has expanded access to eyeglasses to millions across the developing world.
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Andrew Kassoy
After 16 years in private equity, Andrew Kassoy joined two college friends to redefine what a business can B.
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Alexandra Kissling
Bringing Vital Voices to Central America to combat the social and economic underutilization of women.
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Manoj Kumar
Araku Originals is lifting the incomes of farmers and a region through training & a connection to the global coffee market.
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Ann Lamont
How one social entrepreneur brought every sector of South Africa together to help children affected by HIV/AIDS.
Adam Lowry
How one consumer products company is reversing the flow of plastic into the ocean.
Charles Luyckx
These food industry executives reshaped South Africa's meal delivery for school lunches so children could learn.
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Timothy Marquez
How Denver followed through on a simple pledge to pay for college if kids could get there.
Srikumar Misra
Through sustainable dairy farming, Milk Mantra is disrupting an industry and lifting farmers out of poverty.
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Jacqueline Novogratz
Jacqueline Novogratz's Acumen has pioneered 'patient capital', changing the direction of social entrepreneurship.
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Aisha Nyandoro
Magnolia Mother's Trust is breaking the cycle of poverty and shifting the narrative around guaranteed income in the US.
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Dele Olojede
Pulitzer Prize winner Dele Olojede reintroduced independent journalism to Nigeria, terrifying a corrupt elite.
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Chinwe Onyeagoro
Making small business loans and venture capital available to urban entrepreneurs with FundWell.
Maria Pacheco
Bringing Vital Voices to Central America to combat the social and economic underutilization of women.
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Nedgine Paul Deroly
Education leader Nedgine Paul Deroly is building a new ​model of civic leadership and community transformation in Haiti
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Alejandro Poma
Libras de Amor is ending malnutrition in Central America with the help of educators and everyday shoppers.
Joshin Raghubar
CiTi is working to “future-proof” South Africa’s economy and to ensure greater and more equal access to badly-needed tech jobs.
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Bruce Robertson
TRAIL is rebuilding northern Uganda's farming knowledge, raising incomes, and helping refugees transition.
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Arturo Sagrera
Proyecto Pais is building the leadership and conflict-resolution skills of teens and communities for a gang-free future.
Navyn Salem
Edesia is on a mission to end child malnutrition and increase the resiliency of the world’s emergency food system.
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Gisela Sanchez
Food industry executive Gisela Sanchez is solving malnutrition with old-fashioned business sense: good products, low prices.
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Saket Soni
Labor organizer Saket Soni is building a new American profession to prepare homes for increasing and urgent climate disasters
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Amjad Tadros
Syria Direct is training Syrian refugees to provide the world's best reporting on the conflict.
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Ricardo Teran
Agora Partnerships is combining microfinance with venture capitalism to fund and advise small Central American businesses.
Maryam Uwais
The Isa Wali Empowerment Initiative is giving rural Nigerian women control over their education, health, and opportunity.
Hildegard Vasquez
Panama's rising tide of tourism is lifting all boats as hotels use Capta to employ at-risk women in Casca Viejo.
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Gloria Walton
With a background in economic and climate justice, Gloria Walton is amplifying climate justice champions working on the frontlines
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Jim Whitaker
Director Jim Whitaker captured the living memories of 9/11 for posterity with 'Project: Rebirth.'
Kelsey Wirth
Leading a grassroots coalition of mothers and caregivers driven to ensure a safe, livable world for their children.
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Rejane Woodroffe
Economist Rejane Woodroffe is pioneering new models of self-development for long-ignored South African communities.
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Andrew Zaloumis
Conservationist Andrew Zaloumis turned a wildlife refuge into an entrepreneurship incubator for South Africans.
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