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Short Documentary Released: Mukti Datta & Mandakini Women Weavers

Bringing economic relief, empowerment and self determination to women in India’s Himalayan foothills through the production of luxury hand loomed products.

Mukti Datta, a rural development advocate, has pioneered a self-sustaining, replicable model of weaving cooperatives that is rapidly scaling across India's Himalayas and transforming the roles of women across the region. In the wake of the 2013 floods, Mukti Datta set out to implement the lessons of reviving rural economies she learned from pioneering the Panchachuli Women Weavers collective. The result, Mandakini Women Weavers, is a self-sustaining enterprise providing women, many of whom lost generations of male relatives and family breadwinners in the flood, with livelihoods linked to global markets. Watch the video below to learn more.

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