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McNulty Prize Laureates and case studies featured at 2018 Skoll World Forum seminar

On April 12, the McNulty Foundation and Aspen Institute co-hosted a seminar to bring the leadership lessons of McNulty Prize Laureates and Aspen Global Leadership Network Fellows to the 2018 Skoll World Forum in Oxford.

"This Isn't Easy: A Seminar on the Challenges of Leadership" featured Aspen Global Leadership Network Fellows and McNulty Prize Laureates, leading a dialogue with Skoll Delegates on overcoming their personal hurdles in creating and heading organizations dedicated to driving forward social change.


The session featured our leadership case studiesPivotal Moments—which documents the moral imperative, challenges and impact of McNulty Prize Laureates over the last decade.

It's an ongoing series that profiles individuals who have effectively leveraged their expertise, entrepreneurialism and professional platforms to create meaningful impact across the world, and aims to inspire others to make the same leap from success to significance.


The Fellows and Laureates leading the seminar shared their personal challenges and lessons, such as how they grappled with the risk of moving their families to new continents to found ventures, or how they retain enthusiasm and hope in the face of sometimes years of setbacks. Participants were asked to explore questions like: How do you find—and maintain—your purpose? What are the values that guide you as a leader? How do you stay hopeful, and keep your conviction alive, while injustice stares you in the face?

The McNulty Prize and the Aspen Institute celebrate and award innovative and bold models of social change—and in parallel, we recognize, value, catalyze and nurture the spark of individual leadership needed to achieve it.

The Skoll World Forum was held at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School from April 10-13, 2018. An annual event since 2004, the Skoll World Forum brings together leaders of social ventures, prominent thinkers, and other economic partners together to the “premier international platform for advancing entrepreneurial approaches and solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.” The Skoll Foundation is dedicated to driving transformative and sustainable change by empowering social entrepreneurs who have identified new models for altering the status quo and bringing about a fairer and better equilibrium.

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