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In Solidarity with the Movement for Racial Justice

Dear Community,

We recognize the pain, suffering, and racism that the Black community in particular faces in our country. We stand in solidarity with those demanding justice, equity, and an end to police violence and structural racism.

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, Tony McDade, Philando Castile, and countless other Black Americans have lost their lives to unjust and unaccountable systems of law enforcement, racism, and inequity. Black lives matter. We must acknowledge that this is not just about individual behaviors and actions, but a result of systems of oppression that are deeply rooted in our country’s history, and 400 years of trauma and violence against the Black community. Those systems are rooted in history, but they are also alive today.

The McNulty Foundation’s values are grounded in a belief that opportunity is a human right, and that barriers to opportunity and self-determination represent an unacceptable loss of potential. There is no greater threat to these values than the inability to live and breathe freely, and the denial of an equitable chance at living a meaningful life.

We are committed to listening, learning, and engaging in our own process of self-examination in order to dismantle racism, and we invite others in our network to do so. As a private foundation, we also know that many racial disparities are reflected and exacerbated by philanthropy, for example with less than ten percent of U.S. foundation grants directed to communities of color.

We, as a foundation, are committed to uplifting marginalized and unheard voices, and working to make diversity, equity, and inclusion a reality. We are committed to examining our own policies and practices and evaluating how our investments can better support Black-led and community-led organizations that are creating opportunity for those disproportionately suffering from an inequitable society.

We believe those who have benefitted from opportunity have an obligation to use their talents and resources to expand opportunity for others, speak up against injustice, and work towards collective social change. We believe that the best leadership creates agency in those it touches, gives people a stake in their communities, and inspires the next generation. We encourage others in our network to join us to engage in a process of self-reflection, to continue to challenge white supremacy in all its forms, and to commit towards a more just and equitable society.

In partnership,

The McNulty Foundation Team

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