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Creating Future Leaders

by Jeff Klein & Anne Welsh McNulty in Philanthropy Impact

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania recently announced a $10 million commitment from Wharton alum Anne Welsh McNulty, which will drive the expansion and global reach of the current Wharton Leadership Program. In recognition of this transformative gift, the program has been renamed the Anne and John McNulty Leadership Program.

How do leaders best make a difference? In business and in society, we are moving away from the archetype of a dominant, authoritative leader as well as the formal hierarchies that supported and produced that traditional form of leadership. Globalization, disruptive technologies, and a renewed focus on teams have flattened hierarchies and distributed authority throughout the enterprise. Exploring this fundamental question has brought together the leadership development agendas of The Wharton School and the McNulty Foundation, and will guide our next phase of innovation and expansion.

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